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Memorial Day

May 29, 2011

Two holidays have always made me sentimental: Memorial Day and Veterans Day. I am sentimental because these two days celebrate those who served, something I never had to do. In some sense, not having served is one of the few regrets in life I have. The following is a list of friends and family who have served. Honor them with me.


Those At Rest


John Fry                         Civil War     3rd PA Cavalry       Gettysburg

William Davies                WW I           Army                    Staff Driver

John Frownfelter           WW I           Army

Charles Pastor                 WWI           Army

Elmer Fry                                               Army

Bassett                                                     Army Air Corp

James Dunn                    WWII           Army Europe

Walter Fishburn            WWII           Army Europe

William Gunther            WW II         Navy                     Destroyer Pacific Theater

Wayne Kisner                 WW II         Sea Bee                 Pacific Theater

John L. Robertson        WW II         Army

Robert Fry                       Korea         Army                    ‘50-’52

Jack Jones

Nick Nickleson

Ray Heddings                 Korea          Navy

David Horne                   Korea          Marines

Ray Horne                       Korea          Marines

Richard Fry                                           Air Force

Bart Joy                                                  Navy

Robert Fishburn           Vietnam     Army

Robert Williamson      Vietnam      Army



Those Still With Us



Sam Nulton                     Korea          Army                    ‘51-‘53

Ruth Horne                     Korea          Marines

Nick D’Amico                                        Army                    Greenland

William Berger                Vietnam    Navy                     Inland Supply

Marty Gunther               Vietnam     Naval Air

Randy Heddings                                   Army                    Stationed in Korea

Robert Zelem                  Vietnam     Marines

Sue Kisner                                               Marines

William Robertson                              Navy

Greg Hernandez                                   Army

Stephen Nulton                                     Army                    Stationed in Korea

Robert Gravener             Gulf War     Army

Rob Engime, JR               Afghanistan  Army

Luke Martin                      Afghanistan Army

Kathleen West                                         Air Force

Ed Taibi                                                     Air Force Resurves

JR Milewski                                              Army

Chris Fries                                                 Navy


Thank you for honoring these men and women. There are more who should be listed here and there may be some errors for those listed. If you have additions or corrections, please let me know.

The troubled world can offer no award
To you who sleep beneath the chiseled stone.
You died because we handed you the sword,
And we are free because you sleep alone.

The tides of history well may change the cause,
And time may blunt the sharpness of the debt,
For sacrifice, a nation under laws
Is gathered here today, lest we forget.

–Robert A. Hall

I won’t forget!

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